• Business Planning
  •      With our experience and expertise in the world of Information Technology, we can help you develop your business plan to include future and immediate needs for hardware and software to support your goals. We can provide you with comprehensive proposals that will help you make the right decisions for your future.
  • Desktop Support
  •      Most small to mid-size business find, at some point, that they are spending a considerable amount of time solving problems with their computers. As a business becomes more reliant on technology to assist in day-to-day tasks, software and hardware problems become less and less acceptable. Instead of hiring an expensive employee to maintain and repair problems with your computers, let us show you how we can save you money, and provide you with better service and support than you can imagine.
  • Server Administration & Support
  •      As your organization grows, the benefits of purchasing and utilizing server software become more and more compelling. One of the primary drawbacks of purchasing expensive server software and hardware is not so much the price tag of the server, but the cost of the support. Ask us how we can help you minimize your costs, and still recieve the benefits of server technology.
  • Hardware/Software Setup & Installation
  •      In a small organization, installing software and assembling computers are relatively minor tasks - most of your needs can be met by preconfigured machines. But as the need for a network or a server grows, the expertise is often lacking. We can provide the knowledge and experience you need to expand your business.
  • Laptop Support
  •      Laptops have their own special problems and benefits. In most cases, if a problem occurs on your laptop, the manufacturer will ask that you return the laptop for repair, which can take weeks. We have experienced professionals on staff that can help you deal with most problems in a short amount of time.
  • Personal Data Assistant (PDA) Support
  •      As with laptops, PDAs have their own special problems and benefits. Problems are not supposed to happen with these little devices, but they do. Our staff can help you resolve these problems.
  • Security Consultation
  •      If you are worried that your computers are vulnerable to hackers, you are probably right. We can help you define the real risks that you are exposed to, and assist you in minimizing the risks that you consider unacceptable.
  • Application Development and Integration
  •      Our development staff has many years of experience planning and developing projects ranging from small to incredibly complex, long term solutions. If the solution you want doesn't exist, let our certified staff show you what can be done to meet your needs.
  • Website Development
  •      With the Internet continuing to become the information source of choice, it is important that your business is represented in a professional manner online. At minimum, information regarding the purpose of your business and a method to make contact should be available. We can help you develop a presence that you can be proud of on the Internet.
  • Graphics Development
  •      To provide a comprehensive solution for our clients, we feel that it is important that a company can communicate on many different levels with its customers. Professional graphics and animations can change the way your business is percieved, and build trust and interest. Let our graphic artists help you build a vision for your customers.

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